"My interest is not specifically on one kind of freedom - I would like for everyone to experience freedom and freedom of expression in their own creativity and identity, as long as it doesn't harm someone else."

This distinguished American composer has profoundly influenced the course of contemporary music. During the 1960s, she pioneered collaborative mixed-media compositions with electronic sounds, light projections, and theatrical elements, and contributed to the early development of free improvisation and live electronic music. In the 1970s, Oliveros created a form of group improvisation called “Sonic Meditations,” which she extended to solo works, now considered classics in the repertory of experimental music for solo accordion. She has also made path-breaking contributions to feminist scholarship in music and has devoted her creative work and teaching to humanitarian causes. [link]


Oliveros in black with a black background, looking thoughtful at the camera. She has short white hair and is superbly butch.