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Cor Flammae is proud to be King Arthur’s home chorus. King Arthur’s Night is a show written by Niall McNeil and Marcus Youssef, with music by Veda Hille and directed by James Long. An epic reimagining of the King Arthur legend, performed with a mixed ability cast, a rock band, and choir.

Cor Flammae workshopped, performed and recorded the piece over a 3-year period, including 2018 PuSh Festival performances and the original cast recording. Original Theatrical Production produced by Neworld Theatre.

Digital album available by donation here.

ET AMOR: music to celebrate queer love
Conducted by Leslie Uyeda



Samuel Barber - Agnus Dei
Leonard Bernstein, arr. Edgerton - Somewhere
David Conte - Ubi Caritas
Hussein Janmohamed - Light: Unveiled
Jean Baptiste Lully - Aimons sans cesse; courons a la chasse (Isis)
Gian Carlo Menotti - Twelfth Madrigal (The Unicorn, The Gorgon and the Manticore)
Pauline Oliveros - Wind Horse
Francis Poulenc - Les tisserands
Shane Raman - Love partakes of the soul itself
Jeffrey Ryan - Valediction
Caroline Shaw - Fly Away I
Stephen Smith (arr.) - A la claire fontaine
Leslie Uyeda (arr.) - Dance to your Shadow
Mari Esabel Valverde - Oracle of Spring
Zachary Wadsworth - O Saving Victim

REFUGE: music of resilience + hope
Conducted by Mark Reid


Leonard Bernstein - Selections from MASS
Benjamin Britten - Advance Democracy
David Conte - Ubi Caritas
Isabella Leonarda - Ave Regina Caelorum
Meredith Monk, arr. Missy Clarkson - Churchyard Entertainment
Michael Park - what happens now? (Cor Flammae commission and premiere performance)
Dominique Phinot - Quanti mercenarii
Shane Raman - Darest thou now, O Soul (premiere performance)
Maurice Ravel - Trois beaux oiseaux du Paradis
Rodney Sharman - song about forgetfulness
Stephen Smith - From this hour, Freedom!
Joan Szymko - It Takes a Village
Pyotr Tchaikovsky - A Little Golden Cloud

FALLEN ANGELS: Sacred + Profane
Conducted by Stephen Smith


Eric Banks (arr.) - And Both Shall Row
Hildegard von Bingen - O quam preciosa
Benjamin Britten - Rejoice In The Lamb
Hussein Janmohamed - Light: Unveiled
Libby Larsen - Cry Peace
Mr. Mister, arr. Absalon Figueroa - Kyrie (Cor Flammae commission and premiere performance)
Dominique Phinot - Quanti mercenarii
Francis Poulenc - O proles Hispaniae, Margoton va t’a l’iau
Shane Raman - Kyrie (Premiere performance)
Ned Rorem - Satan’s Litanies: Prayer
Rodney Sharman - Winter Solstice
Leslie Uyeda - Sprung Spring (Cor Flammae commission and premiere performance)
Gwyneth Walker - Songs of Ecstasy - Thou Inward Stranger, The Spirit Sings
John Wilbye - Sweet Honey-Sucking Bees

Founding Guest Conductors Peggy Hua + Hussein Janmohammed


Samuel Barber - Reincarnations
Samuel Barber, arr. Shane Raman - Sure on this Shining Night
Benjamin Britten - Advance Democracy
John Cage - Four2
Jennifer Higdon - A Quiet Moment
Catherine Laub - Can You Hear Me? (Cor Flammae commission and premiere performance)
Gian Carlo Menotti - selections from The Unicorn, The Gorgon & The Manticore
Michael Park - i wana cry with u (Cor Flammae commission and premiere performance)
Maurice Ravel - Trois beaux oiseaux du Paradis
Franz Schubert - Frühlingslied
Stephen Smith - From This Hour, Freedom!