b. 1937

Del Tredici remains a forceful presence on the musical scene. While Composer-In-Residence with the New York Philharmonic in the 90s, Leonard Bernstein recorded his orchestral piece Tattoo, and Zubin Mehta recorded both Haddocks' Eyes, and Steps, a work written during Del Tredici's tenure at the Philharmonic. Paul Revere's Ride for soprano, chorus, and orchestra was commissioned by Robert Spano and the Atlanta Symphony, nominated for the 49th annual Grammy Awards as the Best New Classical Composition and issued on a Teldec CD. Rip Van Winkle, commissioned by Leonard Slatkin and the National Symphony Orchestra, is an adaptation of the iconic Longfellow story for narrator and orchestra, and was premiered by Broadway superstar Brian Stokes Mitchell. 

Del Tredici has been, for more than 25 years, Distinguished Professor of Music at The City College of New York. He lives in Manhattan's West Village with his mate, photographer, blogger, biker Angellos Malefakis.




A young David Del Tredici with a pen and his glasses in hand, wearing a t-shirt that says "Tonality Lives"